Profiles in Professionalism

Professionalism: Notes for Physicians in Training

"It is our job to uphold our patients’ high expectations and to embody professionalism as an internal commitment and belief that what you do matters." - Dr. Angela Jarman

Talking About Costs

"If physicians aren’t going to be the good stewards of our patients financial resources and the system as a whole, then someone else is going to do it for us and force it down our throats. " - Dr. Braeden Johnson

Relationship-Centered Professionalism

"For me, professionalism is naively simple; it’s about relationships." - Dr. Shannon Phillips

Doing What Needs to Be Done

"The principles of professionalism should enhance the quality of my life as well as those whom I am serving." - Dr. Howard Beckman

The Importance of Showing Up

"Given the high stress situations that we are in, the hope is that we can look at our colleagues when we are in the trenches and believe that they would watch out for us." - Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

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