Profiles in Professionalism

Medical Students Should Help Shape Professionalism in Medicine

"Medical students should be encouraged to speak out more about professionalism, and should play a much bigger role in shaping professionalism for American medicine for now and the future." - Veshal Khetpal

Patient Safety on Film

"The biggest challenge in making 'To Err Is Human' has been establishing the existence of a problem that most Americans don’t even know exists, while prioritizing the solutions that many in health care are still developing." - MIke Eisenberg

Power and Professionalism in Health Care

"With any topic in health care services or policy... you’re inevitably going to be dealing with something that touches professionalism." - Susan Chimonas, PhD

Taking the Time

"I was failing my Limited English Proficiency patients; I did not know them as well and was doing a disservice to them, and myself, with hurried interviews." - Dr. Arjun Gupta

A Life Dedicated to Cost-Effective Care

"Part of professionalism is to be good stewards of public resources and recognizing that we have a responsibility to deal with this issue of rising health care costs." - Dr. Paul Kaplowitz

Bridging Gaps to Better Health in Montana

"It became glaringly obvious that Social Determinants of Health do not maintain an exclusivity to more heavily populated areas, but are a universal hurdle that transcend geographic density." - Lesly Starling, BA, BSN

Making Good Decision-Makers

"Every day in a physician’s life is just a whole series of challenges. Everything is an intellectual challenge but often it is also a moral and professionalism challenge." - Dr. Adina Kalet

Assessing Professionalism

"One student I remember was a professor’s child, who would come in looking like he hadn’t bathed in a week, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap worn backwards… I mean, if you were a patient, would you want this guy touching you?" - Dr. Deborah Ziring

Where Do We Go From Here? Implementing Organizational Professionalism

"Thinking about where we are with this, where the idea is and where we’re going… I have both excitement about this concept because it’s new and a blank slate, and humility because I realize how little we know about how to go about implementing it." - Dr. Barry Egener

Present-Day Professionalism

"Initially, I understood the word ‘professionalism’ as a core part of my identity as a one-on-one clinician. On further reflection—and in the context of the current climate—I am beginning to realize that it includes more than this, it is something broader." - Kelsey Priest

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