Blog Category: Letters from the Foundation

A Casualty of Incidentaloma

This story could be told by many. You undergo an imaging test for a particular medical reason and then, lo and behold, another condition is discovered.

Stepping Stones to Greater Trust

In health care, we must address what one speaker called “lazy proxies” if we truly want to build trust.

Transparency and Public Reporting

The combination of transparent public reporting and sharing of best practices epitomizes an environment of reciprocal trust.

Developing Relationships and Connections

Relationships are the core of trust and without them medical students, resident and practicing physicians have less humanistic qualities, including compassion and communication skills.

Imagine a Different World Order

Imagine working in an environment where a traditional model of hierarchical, authoritative, physician-centric management is replaced by new patterns of relating that foster collaboration, group learning, nurturing and a flattened social order on health care teams.