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Physician Leadership Key to Patient Trust in COVID-19 Vaccine

Overall trust in the health system may be fractured, Americans’ trust and confidence in their doctors, even before the pandemic, ranked higher than the trust individuals place in leaders in business, government, and the media.

ABIM Letter to ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Calls for Addressing the Vaccine Trust Gap with Communities of Color

On July 16, 2020, ABIM President and CEO, Richard Baron, MD, MACP, along with colleagues Toyin Ayaji, MD and Adam Berinsky, PhD, sent a letter to Operation Warp Speed urging leaders to include Black and Brown communities in the development process of a COVID-19 vaccine. Below is the letter in full.  Dear Leaders of Operation Warp Speed, As… Read more »

Reaffirming Community Values: Transgender Rights in Health Care Matter

On June 12, 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Trump Administration announced that it was eliminating provisions of a 2016 rule that interpreted the Affordable Care Act’s ban on sex discrimination to include discrimination on the basis of gender identity. In doing so HHS stated it would enforce the ban… Read more »

Statement on Racial Justice to our Community, from our Leaders

It’s simply not enough to say passively we will “do no harm”; we pledge actively to do our part in opposing and dismantling systems and policies that cause harm to our patients and disproportionately affect those in Black and Brown communities.