Medical Education and Training

Transforming Medical Education and Training

The 2010 ABIM Foundation Forum – Transforming Medical Education and Training: Meeting the Needs of Patients and Society was dedicated to developing a social compact for medical education and clinical training that is needed to maintain a high-performing, evolving health care system.

Participants—leaders from academic medicine, medical students and residents, patients and consumers, nurses, purchasers, and policymakers—worked toward a shared understanding of the reciprocal obligations between the public and the institutions that support, conduct and oversee medical education and training.

As noted in the Forum summary, Forum participants have initiated a number of follow-up activities in the areas of:

  • Learning and assessing competencies for 21st-century practice;
  • Transforming primary care;
  • Redistribution of GME funds to drive performance and innovation; and
  • Promotion of interprofessional education, evaluation, assessment and accreditation.

Participants also heard from a group of innovators in medical education and training and discussed barriers to the spread of innovations. These innovations spanned a wide range of topics including:

  • Assessment processes
  • Competencies beyond knowledge
  • Overall redesign
  • Professionalism and culture
  • Settings

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