AcademyHealth and the ABIM Foundation appoint Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, D.H.Sc, M.Sc., M.A., as Scholar in Residence

We are pleased to announce that Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, D.H.Sc., M.Sc., M.A., Research Director of Real-World Evidence (RWE) at the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy and Chief Data Governance Officer at the National Alliance Against Disparities in Patient Health, has joined the Advancing Research on Trust initiative as a Scholar in Residence.

Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup brings her expertise to the initiative’s Research Community on Trust as a health scientist, engagement expert, and bioethicist, enriching our efforts with a multidimensional perspective that centers ethics in integrating emerging research with strategic community involvement. Her work focuses on examining and addressing the ethical, legal, social, and implementation issues at the forefront of policy and health innovation.

She joins current Trust Scholars Lauren Taylor, Ph.D., M.Div., M.P.H., and Jodyn E. Platt, Ph.D., M.P.H., to advise on project direction and raise visibility of the trust agenda. She will also explore the issue of trustworthiness as it relates to health systems by uplifting the knowledge and lived experiences of the communities they serve.

Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup previously served as Health Policy Counsel and health lead for the Future of Privacy Forum’s (FPF) health and genetics working group and holds 18 years of cumulative experience in health and biomedical research, health journalism, and the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Prior to FPF, she was the Thomas O. Pyle Fellow within the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Harvard Medical School. She holds a Doctor of Health Science, Master of Art in Legal Studies, and Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

“It is an honor and pleasure to join an esteemed group of Trust Scholars within AcademyHealth to work together along the long and wide arc of health justice that rests on building and sustaining trustworthiness within the health and biomedical research enterprise,” said Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup.

Incoming project lead, Elizabeth Cope, Ph.D., M.P.H., Vice President of Health Systems Improvement at AcademyHealth, shares: “I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup as she joins the Research Community on Trust. I look forward to the contributions and insights she will bring as our newest Scholar in Residence and the new perspective she will lend to this initiative’s work centering trust as an essential ingredient for just, resilient, humanity-affirming systems of care.”

Jessica Perlo, M.P.H., the ABIM Foundation’s Executive Vice President, shares: “We are excited to welcome Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup to the phenomenal team of Scholars in Residence. As an engagement expert, bioethicist, and mixed methods researcher, Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup brings a diverse perspective and is poised to help us understand how to better integrate the voices and experiences of our patients and contribute to our understanding of what it means to be a trusted health professional in today’s environment.”

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