Cultivating Professionalism in Training

The ABIM Foundation’s video series, “Renewing Professionalism: A Challenge to the Health Care Community” documents a discussion among a group of nationally known physician leaders, educators, payers, policy opinion leaders and patient advocates.

The fifth part of the Renewing Professionalism video series, “Cultivating Professionalism in Training”, examines the obligation of academics and professors in medical education to develop curricula focused on the principles of medical professionalism.

Specific topics include:

  • Incorporating learning opportunities into training
  • Relating medical ethics to a broader scope of medical professionalism
  • Finding ways to equip future physicians with a moral and ethical foundation

These concepts were explored by attendees at the 2010 ABIM Foundation Forum, “Transforming Medical Education and Training: Meeting the Needs of Patients and Society”.

In “Cultivating Professionalism,” interviewees discuss guiding students through issues such as conflicts of interest, opposing values in the work and training environment, and inter-professional education as a means to teach medical ethics. “We are teaching the very fundamentals of medical professionalism, and very often that gets translated into the behaviors of medical professionalism,” says Holly J. Humphrey, MD, Dean of Medical Education, University of Chicago School of Medicine, in the video. “One of the things I’ve learned from my students is that if we stay anchored in the behaviors of the professional, the student can miss the bigger picture. They can miss the tenets of professionalism — the social contract with society.”

Also among those featured in the videos are:

  • Clarence Braddock, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Medical Education and Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • F. Daniel Duffy, MD, Dean, Oklahoma University School of Community Medicine
  • Darrell Kirch, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Jo Shapiro, MD, Director, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Division of Otolaryngology
  • Virginia Tilden, DNSc, RN, Dean, College of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center

All five parts of the video series are available for viewing on the ABIM Foundation website.


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