ABIM Foundation Focus – Spring 2014

Professionalism Article Prize

On May 21, the ABIM Foundation announced winners of the fourth annual Professionalism Article Prize. The prize recognizes the authors of outstanding articles that advance the principles and commitments of Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter. Articles had to have been published in English-language, peer-reviewed journals between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 to be eligible for the prize.

The winners are:

“A Humble Task: Restoring Virtue in an Age of Conflicted Interests,” by James M. DuBois, PhD, DSc; Elena M. Kraus, PhD; Anthony A. Mikulec, MD, MBA; Salvador Cruz-Flores, MD, MPH and Erin Bakanas, MD, MA, published in Academic Medicine

“An Intervention Model That Promotes Accountability: Peer Messengers and Patient/Family Complaints,” by James W. Pichert, PhD; Ilene N. Moore, MD, JD; Jan Karrass, MBA, PhD; Jeffrey S. Jay, JD; Margaret W. Westlake, MLS; Thomas F. Catron, PhD and Gerald B. Hickson, MD, published in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

“Views of US Physicians About Controlling Health Care Costs,” by Jon C. Tilburt, MD, MPH; Matthew K. Wynia, MD, MPH; Robert D. Sheeler, MD; Bjorg Thorsteinsdottir, MD; Katherine M. James, MPH; Jason S. Egginton, MPH; Mark Liebow, MD, MPH; Samia Hurst, MD; Marion Danis, MD, MPH and Susan Dorr Goold, MD, MHSA, MA, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association

Read commentary about the winning articles, including background on the selection process and how they support the aspirations of the Physician Charter on “The Medical Professionalism Blog.”

Members of the selection committee included:

  • Louise Arnold, PhD, Professor Emerita, Office of Medical Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
  • Barry Egener, MD, Medical Director, The Foundation for Medical Excellence
  • Rosemary Gibson, author, Medicare Meltdown
  • Hayley Goldbach, medical student, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Catherine Lucey, MD, Vice Dean of Education, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
  • Lorna Lynn, MD, Director, Practice Assessment, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Walter McDonald, MD, FACP, Emeritus Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine
  • Daniel Wolfson, MHSA, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ABIM Foundation

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