Navigating the Path to Trust in Health Care
Making Strides to Improve Health Outcomes in Mississippi
A primary mission of both the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and the Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC) is to train and retain skilled and compassionate physicians to practice high-quality, equitable care in Mississippi and improve health outcomes in the state.
New Health Care Infodemiology Brief Now Available
To aid clinicians in understanding health trends and debunking false claims their patients may encounter, a new resource from Public Good Projects focuses on commonly misrepresented topics from social media and online.
Building Trust & Equity in IM Training
Medical schools and training programs receive $470,000 to build trust in diverse communities.
Winners of the 2023 Building Trust Essay Contest
Future physicians share first-hand accounts of medical misinformation’s reach and durability.
Countering Medical Misinformation: A Framework to Support Successful Interventions
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Our Mission

Advancing the core values of medical professionalism as a force to improve the quality of health care.

Creating a Trustworthy Community

Building trust can enhance medical professionalism and improve patient care across all health care organizations. Share your trust-building practices to help spread innovative ideas and identify additional opportunities for improvement.