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High-Performing Practices Highlight Innovations to Address Burnout

Citing lower payments, frustrating models of practice and long hours of clerical work that doesn’t utilize their training, fewer aspiring physicians are choosing to focus in primary care, threatening the quality of care patients receive.

ABIM Foundation Announces Top Articles in Medical Professionalism

The ABIM Foundation today recognized three seminal articles in medical professionalism with the Professionalism Article Prize.

ABIM Leaders Named “Most Influential Physician Executives”

American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and ABIM Foundation President & CEO Christine K. Cassel, MD, and Chair of the Board Robert M. Wachter, MD, have been named among Modern Healthcare’s most influential physician executives for 2013.

Seeking Innovative Medical Educators Interested in Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely

Costs of Care and the ABIM Foundation have launched the Teaching Value and Choosing Wisely Competition to identify the most promising innovations and bright ideas that can be successfully implemented on a larger scale.

21 Organizations to Engage Physicians and Patients in Conversations on Overuse of Medical Tests and Procedures

The ABIM Foundation has awarded funding to 21 state medical societies, specialty societies and regional health collaboratives to help physicians and patients engage in conversations aimed at reducing unnecessary tests and procedures.

Leading Medical Specialty Societies Identify 90 Tests and Treatments to Question

Seventeen leading medical specialty societies have identified specific tests, procedures or medication therapies they say are commonly ordered, but which are not always necessary—and could cause undue harm.

ABIM Foundation Announces Grant to Drexel University College of Medicine to Enhance Physician–Patient Communication

The ABIM Foundation recently awarded a grant of $50,000 to the Drexel University College of Medicine to develop a set of interactive instructional modules to enhance physician and patient communication.

ABIM Foundation Announces New Chair and New Members of Board of Trustees

The ABIM Foundation announces the appointments of Jackie Judd and Robert M. Wachter, MD, as new members of its Board of Trustees, and the appointment of Donald E. Wesson, MD, as Chair of the Board of Trustees, effective July 1, 2012.

ABIM Foundation Announces Top Articles in Medical Professionalism

Three articles showcasing the role of medical professionalism in improving health care have been named the winners of the ABIM Foundation Professionalism Article Prize.

U.S. Physician Groups Identify Commonly Used Tests or Procedures They Say Are Often Not Necessary

Nine leading physician specialty societies have identified specific tests or procedures that they say are commonly used but not always necessary in their respective fields.