Past Letters

To Brazil With Love

The Choosing Wisely campaign was designed to engage physicians, clinicians and patients in a conversation that would increase awareness of wasteful tests and procedures. Empowering both physicians and patients in leadership roles is what is powerful and almost magical about the campaign.

Choosing Wisely®: A Co-Creation Experience?

How much deeper could we have gone to “co-create” Choosing Wisely?

The Professor and Professionalism

Imagine five special leaders in the quality and safety movement–a dream team, if you will–together on a single stage discussing the legendary professor and quality improvement pioneer, Avedis Donabedian.

Greater Detroit Area Health Council Visit: Detour on the Choosing Wisely® Roadshow

All journeys take detours and I am very glad this one took me to Detroit to visit the Greater Detroit Area Health Council (GDAHC) and their partners.

Research Community Works to Reduce Low-Value Care

To help close gaps and develop a coordinated approach to research around low-value care, AcademyHealth and the ABIM Foundation have joined to create the Research Community on Low-Value Care.

Choosing Wisely® Roadshow: Richer Collaboration with the American College of Radiology

It was only appropriate that the next meeting of the Choosing Wisely Roadshow would be with the American College of Radiology (ACR). Like ASCO, ACR was one of the original partners of the campaign.

Choosing Wisely® Roadshow: A Visit to the American Society of Clinical Oncology

We have decided to hit the road and visit some of the Choosing Wisely partners to find out more about their current efforts to reduce low-value care and learn how we could continue to engage them in the campaign.

My Lean and Mean Physical Exam

My routine physical represented a “lean,” less-wasteful physical; it focused on high-yield tests and the most beneficial exam.

Choosing Wisely® – Building Bridges Across Care

When the ABIM Foundation launched the Choosing Wisely campaign, we created a set of operating principles for our society partners and gave them guidelines to help them develop their lists. Among these guidelines was a stipulation that recommendations needed to be within the control or purview of that specialty. Each society was asked to take... Read more »

A Sacred Moment Ruined

On July 28, my wife’s brother, Marcos, died from cancer at the age of 58. He died at home under hospice care and was heavily sedated over the last weeks of his life. Marcos had undergone two chemotherapy regimens and one experimental treatment. His doctor was exemplary – she provided the best treatment options yet... Read more »