Past Letters

Building Trust in the LGBTQ Community

The key elements of the practice—compassion, multi-disciplinary teamwork, robust huddles, story-telling and person-centered care–—can be applied everywhere.

Flipping the EHR: A Trust Builder

Over the next several weeks, I will devote this letter to writing about the winners of the ABIM Foundation’s recent Trust Practice Challenge.

Eroding Trust and Conflicts of Interest

In 2006, the ABIM Foundation and the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP), a non-profit health care think tank based at Columbia University, made a bold move to publicly confront the issue of physician conflict of interest (COI) and expose its threat to medical professionalism. A panel assembled by the Foundation and IMAP published... Read more »

A Choosing Wisely Story: Respectful and Trusting Conversations

While recruiting specialty societies to the Choosing Wisely campaign about six years ago, I attended a board meeting of a surgical specialty society.  I had flown to Chicago to meet with the society’s board as it considered whether to join the campaign.  The one question board members had for me was: What happens when a... Read more »

Trust and Direct-to-Consumer Medicine: A Prescription for Trouble?

What disturbs me about online retail medicine is the lack of face-to-face conversation between the patient and the clinician.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Choosing Civility in Medicine

Dialogue has to start with the assumption that all parties have good intentions and the belief that most people are reasonable most of the time.

Turning Awareness into Action: Celebrating our 7th Year

This month marks the seventh anniversary of the Choosing Wisely campaign, which launched on April 4, 2012 to much public fanfare. Nine specialty societies took a courageous step, answering our call for clinicians to identify five things that are done too frequently in their fields and for which there was no evidence of patient benefit.... Read more »

Bundles, Professionalism and Trust – A Conversation with François de Brantes

[Bundled payments] serve to reinforce the goals we at the Foundation are trying to advance—professionalism, trust and choosing wisely.

Influencing Professionalism

Using “influencer marketing” to promote your brand or message... has the potential to create a whole new level of conflicts of interest, one that the profession—and medical schools in particular—need to prepare for.

Introducing the Trust Practice Challenge

This challenge is a key component of the Foundation’s new focus on issues of trust in health care. We chose to emphasize trust because this crucial aspect of an effective health care system is currently under threat.