Past Letters

Conversations Will Drive Success

Finding ways to drive more conversations about Choosing Wisely will create greater opportunities for success.

How Trust Leads To Change

In health care, large shifts in quality have often depended on trustful relationships among health care stakeholders.

Advice for CMMI from Choosing Wisely®

Over the last five years, the ABIM Foundation has learned valuable lessons from our experience engaging dozens of health systems, physician practices, and medical education and training programs with the Choosing Wisely® campaign. We believe many of lessons learned can help inform the model of change that CMMI is seeking.

Professionalism And Choosing Wisely®

Choosing Wisely appealed to the professionalism of physicians and other clinicians as articulated in the Physician Charter on Medical Professionalism, which included a commitment to manage health care resources.

Professionalism and Social Justice

The winners of the 2016 John. A. Benson Jr., MD Professionalism Article Prize were announced on April 25, and for the seventh year in a row I am pleased to see such high-quality pieces exploring professional behaviors and values as they apply to present-day health care.

Choosing Wisely Celebrating Its Fifth Year: So What?

Asking “so what” as we look at the laundry list of what we have achieved with Choosing Wisely reminds us that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels; this fifth anniversary is merely a start to the work left to be done.

Patient Safety and Professionalism

At the ABIM Foundation, we’ve long thought of patient safety through the lens of professionalism.

It’s Not All About the Money

Work at the Virginia Center for Health Innovation around Choosing Wisely is embracing the goals of the campaign, physician engagement and partnership with consumers and employers, instead of just focusing on cost reduction.

To Brazil With Love

The Choosing Wisely campaign was designed to engage physicians, clinicians and patients in a conversation that would increase awareness of wasteful tests and procedures. Empowering both physicians and patients in leadership roles is what is powerful and almost magical about the campaign.

Choosing Wisely®: A Co-Creation Experience?

How much deeper could we have gone to “co-create” Choosing Wisely?